Where Hope Begins                                                                                                                                                       And Love Endures

Crossroads Pregnancy Centre

Where Hope Begins

Mission Statement

Crossroads Crisis Pregnancy Centre provides non-judgmental education and support to individuals during pregnancy, early parenthood, post abortive or adoption situations through peer counselling, practical, emotional and spiritual help. We also provide sexual health education in the community.

Quick Facts

We offer medically accurate information on all three options available to a woman when she is pregnant – abortion, adoption, and parenting. The information is presented in a straightforward and unbiased way, because we believe that when given accurate information, women are smart enough and fully capable of making the best decision for themselves. The only suggestions made to a woman facing a pregnancy decision is – take the time needed to make this important life decision and that they talk to a medical professional. 

We are not political. In fact, we are very careful in our words and our actions to stay away from controversy and politics. What we care about is meeting a woman where she is at and walking alongside her. No politics, no agendas. Our Centre provide a non-judgmental and confidential, safe place to be real and be heard. We offer resources, referrals, material supports, and programs. All for free, all regardless of the woman’s decision.

Crossroads Pregnancy Centre is very much pro-woman. We are there for the woman – before, during, and after pregnancy … even if that pregnancy ends in abortion. Pre-pregnancy: education is provided on healthy relationships. During pregnancy: information is offered and support is given in the form of prenatal education and free maternity clothes and baby supplies. Post-pregnancy: our centre provide a safe and supportive community, either in the form of parenting classes or post-abortion groups and support.

Crossroads  pregnancy centre is faith-based. But what does that mean? Quite simply, it means that everything we do is based on our love for God and the truth of the Bible – that all life has value. That’s it. Everyone that works at a centre, whether staff or volunteer, shares these beliefs. We don’t preach them. We simply live them, by loving and honoring all life and every person that walks through the door, regardless of that person’s age, race, gender, or religion, or personal beliefs.

We absolutely love babies, but we love the woman just as much!. Because we know it’s not easy, some of us have worn the exact same shoes … the shoes that walk into a doctor’s office with dread and walk out of an abortion clinic with a broken heart.   

We believe in choice. Our centre believe every woman has the right to make a well-informed choice, with all of the facts and unconditional love and support.