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Become a Volunteer

4 Ways to Serve

At the Crisis Pregnancy Centre we realize that the success we experience with the people we serve is directly related to our volunteers and staff. Their exceptional attitude of kindness, mixed with a deep sense of dedication and commitment, has created a community of care-givers whose love for people helps to change lives.


Our volunteer opportunities include:

  • in-centre peer counselling for pregnancy-related issues

  • grief and loss counselling

  • administrative support

  • practical donation sorting

  • educating clients using Brightcourse resources

  • building and property maintenance 

  • repair of equipment donations

  • preparing gift baskets to be given as a baby layette

1. Peer Counselling*

• Meet with clients considering their options in unexpected pregnancy

• Form long-term supportive relationships

• Refer to other programs in our community and help determine need for professional help together with the client.

2. Pregnancy Loss Counselling*

• Grief & trauma healing

• Provide empathy and a safe place

• Includes post-abortion, infant death, stillbirth & miscarriage

3. Education*

• Using an online, professionally developed course

• Increased confidence for parenting and the individual

• we offer a range from prenatal, birth, parenting, fathers only, relationships and life skills.

4. Social*

• Host a bi-weekly coffee for clients ( when allowed by BC Health)

• Assist at special events including supporting events at your church.

*Full training provided.


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