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What are my options? I’m already a birth mom, is there anyone who understands?

Supplies List

Our clients are able to come in once a month to meet with our client advocates, to receive emotional and practical support. We try to supply diapers and wipes each visit. If mother or baby have gone through a growth spurt, we have maternity and baby clothes on hand. We are able to provide these items through the generous support of our community donors.


Donations received during office hours. Please see below for our hours.


As items come in, we may also have a car seat, stroller, high chair or other types of chairs and swings. Bassinets, crib mattresses, bedding, toys and books are also often available.


We ask that people sign a loan agreement for these items and that they be returned to our Centre in good condition when their use is no longer required. This keeps our availability at reasonable levels for all who need them.


We are happy to provide clothing and equipment to babies up to their second birthday. 

All our services are free and confidential.

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