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Loving Life from the Inside Out


It is no secret that Crossroads Pregnancy Centre of Nanaimo loves life. We believe that all people have intrinsic value, regardless of how old they are, what they believe, where they were born, or where they are currently living. We believe that people are amazing and that they deserve respect and love.


We believe that women are often devalued and this is tragic. We believe that children are often devalued and this is tragic as well. We believe that those who have been dis-empowered need to be re-empowered so that they can live beautiful lives. It is often the most vulnerable in our society who are mistreated.


We have heard that some people disagree with us about our beliefs. We respect their right to do so. We are a faith-based, Christian non-profit society. We have heard that some people think we misinform the individuals who come to our centre for help; of course, this isn’t true. We deeply care about the people who come to our centre, and it would be cruel to misinform them.


We always try to keep up with the latest and most precise information and materials. We encourage those who see us, to research the Internet and get all the facts they can from any place they can find them. We believe, without hesitation, that women have a right to know everything about the choices they are making—decisions they are empowered to make that will affect their lives.


Women have the legal right in Canada to seek and obtain an abortion. Women have the right to make moral choices about their own lives. At Crossroads Pregnancy Centre we fully understand this and believe this makes it imperative that women also be given the right to all the available information regarding the impact that their decisions will have. Not to do so would be condescending and manipulative.


If a client of our centre obtains an abortion, we love her. If she carries-to-term, we love her. If she releases the child in an adoption, we love her. If she grieves after her abortion, with zero judgment, we will mourn with her. If she is in need during parenting, we will care for her. If she struggles after the adoption, we will support her.


We think people are awesome. We believe they deserve hope.

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